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Take Control of Your Success with Proven Performance Coaching Strategies


Ok…who am I?


I'm a performance coach with over 45 years-experience in the music industry as an award winning professional vocalist, singing teacher and vocal coach, music industry mentor, international presenter, author and podcast host.

I have had an amazing career in the entertainment business.

This was a possibility I could never have imagined.

I had to learn how to break free from all the obstacles that were holding me back in my career and back then, there was no one to help me. Fast forward years later, I had the privilege of being acclaimed as an award winning singer and was able to sustain my career for decades.

It is time for me to give back to this most seductive industry, one that has truly become my life’s work.

Now it’s my turn to guide you along your career journey, so you don’t have the same struggles I did.

And the best part is, based on my own challenges, breakthroughs and experiences, I have created a blueprint for success to help others create the career they desire in their creative industry.

Whether you're just starting out in your creative industry or you're a seasoned pro, I want to help you "Get the Edge You Need to Succeed” and take your career to the next level with my unique performance mastery coaching program.

Allow me to coach your way to centre stage in your life!


That's a great question!!

A performance coach is someone who looks to empower others by helping them create, meet and exceed goals, in both their personal and professional lives.

If you have never worked with a coach before, a great way to think of performance coaching is like having your own personal and professional guide who will lead you on a journey of self- discovery, decision making, personal and professional improvement, all of which lead to better living and career success!

It is an influence process of guiding clients to become the best version of themselves, to discover who they are and what drives them and to ensure they are living their lives in alignment with their passion and their purpose.

Performance Coaching is a massive industry  and it has grown to be a hugely successful form of “talking” therapy, to the extent that it has helped turn people’s lives around.

What makes my performance mastery coaching program different to all the others out there?


My coaching program has been specifically tailored:

  • To meet the needs of performing and creative artists... which we both love!
  • The outcomes are clear… you can thank me now!
  • My coaching is challenge based… get ready for some hard hitting questions!
  • My coaching has a forward oriented approach… so you don’t get stuck in the present!
  • It challenges you to take action… I don’t take hostages!


As part of my 12 week coaching program, you'll receive regular one-on-one coaching sessions with me, as well as access to a range of resources and tools to help you grow as a member of the performance and creative industries. Through my unique program, you will also have the opportunity to connect with other likeminded industry folk.

During your weekly sessions, we'll work together.  Yes people!!! You don’t need to do this on your own. That’s why you hire me!!

We are going to strategize, create, discover and generate options together!

I'm so excited to get you started and help you reach for your dreams!



 Through my program you will be:
  • Setting achievable goals, and developing a personalized action plan to help you achieve them,
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Improving your mental fitness and decision-making skills in order to make the right career moves,
  •  Guided towards reaching a high level of performance in every single area of your personal and professional life. 
  • Discovering how to achieve better work-life balance,
  • Offered ways to manage fatigue, and burnout,
  • Inspired to create greater impact.


Get to know yourself. You’ll learn how to tune it all out and turn your attention inward.


Learn what self-love looks like and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.


Learn how to connect with others and still value the unique individual you are inside.


Bring the inside out. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself every day.


Looking forward. Set life goals that align with who you really are inside.


With goals in sight, create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Why work with me?


Well not only do you get all that stuff, but I will help you navigate and manage your career in a dynamic and ever-changing creative industry. I will help  you, and shift your mindset to improve your chances for success within the creative industries.

 My coaching curricula and tools are designed to help you overcome obstacles, build your confidence improve their mindset, habits, relationships, effectiveness, influence and have positive life outcomes.

 By the way, I don’t take hostages!! I am a butt kicker and I will challenge you to grow, even when it’s hard or beyond your vision.

Rest assured you are in the right place, my greatest passion is working with other performers and creatives, just like you, to help them tap into their full potential and achieve their personal and performance goals. 



To help you take centre stage in your life!!


It’s now my mission to pass on all those hidden gems that I discovered during my career journey, to anyone and everyone who wants to create greater impact in all aspects of their lives.

If you’d love to experience the joy of getting life-changing results, and the satisfaction of being well paid, having a successful, and sustainable business doing the work you love…come check out my new performance coaching program.

"Working with Marisa has been life-changing. Her coaching has helped me identify and overcome limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and develop new habits and mindsets that have allowed me to achieve my goals."

Elina Gibbons

"Marisa's coaching style is both supportive and challenging, which has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. She has a gift for asking insightful questions and offering practical advice that has helped me navigate difficult situations and make progress towards my goals."

Samantha Winsor


Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • 12 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching via Zoom
  • Access to weekly resources
  • Gratitude Journal shipped to you
  • Action plans and goal setting
  • Access to group coaching calls
  • Weekly session feedback
  • Bonus weekly audio download 
  • Email or messaging support
  • Accountability and follow-up sessions


If you aren’t completely satisfied, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.